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Verus Engineering

Verus Engineering Pinch Weld Jack Pucks - GR86/BRZ

Verus Engineering Pinch Weld Jack Pucks - GR86/BRZ


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The factory pinch welds on the GR86  and BRZ are ruined and damaged during maintenance, jacking, or tire changes on and off the track. We developed these units to protect reduce damage to the factory pinch weld. With a solid chunk of aluminum to ensure this never happens again you can jack up your car without any worry of damage. These units are designed to stay *on the vehicle* by pinching the pinch weld with an M6 socket head cap screw. 

The jack pads install with ease in under 30 minutes and with no permanent modifications to the vehicle. The jack stand pads are anodized three popular colors, with red and blue standing out to ensure technicians, shops, and friends jack up the car from the correct locations.

Finally, we developed the jack pucks to work with a specific jack stand for a great fit and finish.


  • (4) Machined Pucks, Anodized Color of your choice
  • (1) Hardware Kit, Includes All Necessary Hardware for a seamless install
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