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Kumho Tire

Kumho Ectsa v730

Kumho Ectsa v730


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The Kumho Ecsta V730 represents Kumho's Extreme Performance Summer tire tailored for sports cars, performance sedans, and enthusiasts engaged in high-performance driving schools, autocross events, and track days. Engineered to optimize grip and handling in competitive environments, the Ecsta V730 maintains a balance of on-road refinement and durability, delivering a heightened level of performance across various venues. As with all Extreme Performance Summer tires, the Ecsta V730 is not suitable for service, storage, or operation in near or below-freezing temperatures, snowy conditions, or on icy surfaces.

Key Features of the Kumho Ecsta V730:
The Ecsta V730 employs an ultra-high grip tread compound enriched with fine carbon black and synthetic resins, elevating grip and consistency in high-performance applications. Its highly asymmetric tread design incorporates a substantial outboard shoulder element, ensuring consistent cornering traction and responsiveness on dry roads. The optimized tire footprint design effectively manages extreme lateral cornering forces, as well as longitudinal braking and acceleration grip, enhancing endurance and longevity. To address wet conditions, two inboard circumferential grooves and lateral notches facilitate water evacuation from the contact patch, enhancing resistance to hydroplaning.

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