The Little Engine That Could

The Little Engine That Could

When following JDM car culture, there are several models that have left their mark on enthusiasts around the world. It might be the exotic/futuristic NSX, the Myogi Nightkids Nissan Skyline, or the legendary 1000hp Supra sporting the bulletproof 2JZ engine. 

But for Jeff, on the top of his list was an S2000. He started out his roots with a Subaru STI, but if you were to ask him what his dream car was, he would always answer with an S2000. Jokingly, he would say "it's probably the only OG JDM car I can afford."

Thus started, his unhealthy obsession of building out his dream. 


Jeff tried to rationalize his build saying, "It's going to give me seat time." or "I'm going to learn how to finally drive a rear-wheel drive car now." 


But every racer at heart rationalizes each upgrade saying, "a carbon fiber wing will give more downforce and make me faster," or "forged TE-37s will make me faster"


But all the countless hours of fantasizing about the next upgrade and saying getting a BBK is "maintenance because I'm putting on stainless steel lines" would eventually catch up. 


Gridlife decided to make an appearance at NJMP and he took his ambition and put it to the test.


But all he could complain about was the hot weather, the tires weren't new, or he didn't have enough downforce. But he knew that he spent all his time putting on "hot-boy-shit" instead of putting in more time at the track. 


As the season pulled to a close, he sat in his car thinking The Little Engine That Could took him through countless track days. But one gut feeling sat near and dear to him, the original dream of owning a JDM legend. It had been screaming at the top of its 4 piston lungs begging for another chance. 


After some botox and an expensive BBL. Instead of a broke young kid, fixing up his clapped out Honda in driveways and parking lots of autozone. An even more broke and older man child fulfilled his childhood dream. 

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