Northeast Track Club, Exploring the Thrills of Monticello

Northeast Track Club, Exploring the Thrills of Monticello

Nestled in the New York's Catskill Mountains lies a haven for automotive enthusiasts – Monticello Motor Club. Touted as one of the premier private race tracks in the world, Monticello offers an unparalleled driving experience for those seeking adrenaline-fueled thrills and unparalleled luxury.

The organizers of Northeast Track Club were able to host a thrilling track day for its members. Giving them a chance to drive the coveted private track.

The screaming of engines and exhausts filled the air as cars swept through the Esses

Drivers challenged every apex knowing they were leaving time on the table every time they started breaking early or hesitant on the gas.


Throughout the day drivers improved their times quickly as they knew the rain clouds were not too far in the distance.


As drops of rain started to fall, the members had a surprise visit from a local with his Mclaren. 
Even as the rain began to get harder and the water started to pool on the ground, the fun never ended. The skid patch opened up for driver's to show off their Tokyo Drift style points.
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